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Villa For Sale Pattaya

Custom Private Luxury Villas in Pattaya for Sale


Pattaya is a real estate hot spot of South East Asia because there are very few beach locations where your money will go further than in Pattaya. You will be hard pressed to find more bang for your buck in any other city in Thailand. The luxury buyer will find this especially true. Condos are not the only thing for sale in Pattaya. There are a number of houses, townhomes, and luxury villas also available. One of the newest developments to begin in Pattaya is Villa Asiatic, a lovely European style countryside village that has both Custom Luxury Villas, and Pool Villas for sale in Pattaya.


Current Promotion

Villa Asiatic is a new development currently in the pre-sale phase. For a limited time all pre-sale buyers will receive FREE Air Conditioning throughout their new home, this includes both the central air down stairs as well as the 3 free standing units up stairs. In addition to the FREE A/C buyers will also get their initial land scape design and installation included. Then on top of the FREE A/C, and the FREE landscaping all buyers will receive the Sensor Motion Detector Security feature all included at no additional charge.


This promotion package is valued at approximately 100,000 THB in Freebies.  

  1. Free A/C
  2. Free Landscaping
  3. Free Motion Detector





Property Features

These villas in Pattaya are set on lovely grounds at a quiet convenient location. The entrance is only 5 minutes from the Motorway which will take one straight to Bangkok in about an hour and a half. Travel the opposite direction to the heart of down town Pattaya in only 20 minutes, however, the location of the village feels more like rural Thailand. The best of both worlds. All the convenience of the city, with easy access to airports, the bus station, and downtown, all while having the safety and quiet of rural Thailand.

The village itself will have everything you and your family will need such as swimming pools, playgrounds, barbecue areas, and private gated yards separating each villa giving the illusion of a private villa while enjoying the safety of a village.


Villa Asiatic Compared to Other Pattaya Developments Stands Apart

When you compare Villa Asiatic to other developments in town it becomes a challenge. There is not another one that we could find that has a location within 1 km of the sea, in a rural area, but only 5 minutes from the Motorway, and only 20 minutes from down town Pattaya. Most other villages that have similar amenities are not near the sea at all, but out near the lake on the far east side. Although technically Villa Asiatic is on the east side of the railroad tracks, it's proximity to the small fishing village of Na Kluea just north of Pattaya gives it an entirely different feel. Even the temperature is more moderate and owners will get the full effect of the Pattaya breezes for which the city gets its name.


Schedule a Viewing of the Villas for Sale in Pattaya Now

Both the Standard Villa and the Deluxe Villa are available for viewing now. To schedule a viewing to tour the property please contact a team member now.

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